Car Wash Fundraising Program

Raising money can be a gargantuan task. We are here to make it easy. We’ll give you everything you need to quickly sell car washes to friends, neighbors, and supporters. They buy something they want and need, and your organization pockets the proceeds.

Get Started.

Thank you for your interest in our fundraising program. Our car wash fundraising program requires no order forms, no pre-payment and only one product to sell. Best of all, everyone needs a clean car! It’s a win-win for all.

You can also contact our fundraising specialist at
(772) 261-8148


Type of Organization

3 + 7 =


  • No set-up fees. No start-up costs.
  • Keep 50% of the proceeds
  • No order taking
  • Only pay for passes sold
  • Let the pros do the washing!
  • You keep your weekends for fun

Who Qualifies

  • Schools
  • Community Projects
  • Church and Synagogue Groups
  • Local Service Clubs
  • Athletic Teams
  • Any 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization

How it Works

Monster Express Car Wash supplies your organization with special fundraising prepaid wash cards.

  1. Sell as many cards as you can at full face value.
  2. Keep 50% of proceeds for your group.

The total running time for the program is approximately seven weeks from the requested start date. This includes collection of unsold passes, payment, and shipment to the Fundraising Department.

For additional information, contact our fundraising specialist at (772) 261-8148.

Program Restrictions:

Cards may NOT be sold on the premises of Monster Express Car Wash location.

How Much Can You Make?

At the conclusion of the one-month sale period, your group returns any unsold cards and pays for only half of the current retail price for each ticket sold. Your group receives 50% of revenue for the card sold. How much MONEY you make is up to you!

  • Monster Express provides you with car wash Fundraiser Cards
  • You sell the Fundraiser Cards @ $24 Each
  • You keep 50% of ALL of the money collected. ($12 for each book)
  • Your supporters get a Clean Car!
  • Sell 150 Get Monster Wheel Deal Wash Cards Earn $1,800
  • Sell 250 Get Monster Wax Wash Cards Earn $3,000
  • Sell 500 Get Monster Guard Wash Cards Earn $6,000