The Monster Cleaning Process

Monster Car Wash Express uses products formulated specifically for South Florida’s car wash needs. Because of this, we’re able to get your car the cleanest based on South Florida bugs, pollen, salt, or whatever the road might throw at your vehicle.

Monster Bath

Thick foaming soap devours dirt & grime. Our Monster Bath breaks the bond of the most difficult surface contaminants.

Monster Prime

Mad scientist car wash coating is applied in precise streams to penetrate the vehicle’s surface prior to foam applications for better protection.

Monster Rinse

Annihilate water spots and prepare for armor. Monster Rinse is infused in a waterfall rinse that flushes grooves, crevices and behind mirrors.

Monster Seal

Lock out dirt and protect the paint surface. Monster Seal elevates your vehicle’s shine for a brighter surface and more radiant finish.

Monster Wax

The ultimate protection from your vehicle’s villains. Monster Wax immerses your vehicle in a blanket of Carnauba Wax for a vibrant glow.

Monster Rain Repel

Glass surfaces become hydro-phobic! Monster Rain Repel extends the life of the wash with superior water repellency. Tough on dirt and grime.

Fleet Car Wash Services

Got a whole herd of monsters to clean?

Our car wash fleet program gives you a simple way to keep your collection of cars looking scary good. We can create a custom package just for you.